Surgical Procedures to Aid Orthodontic Treatment

At Pinellas Oral Surgery and Implant Center, Dr. José F. Lázaro provides surgical procedures to assist in the management of patients with orthodontic needs upon referral by the Orthodontist or Restorative Dentist. 

By means of CBCT imaging technology, the tooth position can be identified as well as the
approach for exposure and traction with orthodontic forces and appliances. Usually these teeth erupt between the ages of 12-13 years old. It is recommended an orthodontic evaluation if they have not erupted, in order to avoid those teeth from been blocked. The procedure entails the exposure of the tooth and a placement of an orthodontic bracket, were the tooth will be traction or pull into the oral cavity by orthodontic forces.

Some of the procedures includes the exposure and bracket of impacted canine tooth. These teeth are crucial in the development of the mature dentition. Sometimes these teeth become impacted when the canine tooth is been blocked from erupting into the oral cavity due to space limitations, tooth position, or another tooth blocking part of the eruption.

Supernumerary teeth are also evaluated for removal in order not to affect the developing dentition. Supernumerary teeth are extra teeth that develop and can cause crowding or damage of permanent dentition as well as development of tumors or cysts.

Dr. Lázaro also provides Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s) that allows for the placement of small Titanium screws for Orthodontic anchorage purposes. The TAD’s allow the Orthodontist to apply precise forces to the teeth to help straighten the patient’s bite and smile.

Dr. Lázaro also provides assistant on Rapid Orthodontic or Periodontal Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) that is a combination of orthodontics and surgical procedure that reduces the treatment time in adults. This technique requires special incision in the gum and the jaw with the placement a bone grafting material. After the procedure is completed and the area is healing, the Orthodontist can start moving teeth, allowing for straightening teeth more rapidly compared to traditional bracers.

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