Sinus Augmentation

Dr. José F. Lázaro has extensive experience performing bone graft augmentation in the sinus cavity to augment the bone in preparation for implant placement.

Using Dental Implants to Replace Damaged or Missing Teeth

Sometimes posterior maxillary (upper jaw) implants are needed to establish the bite. However, if the patient has lost the posterior upper teeth, the amount of vertical bone may have been compromised for dental implant placement. Bone graft augmentation can be considered in the maxillary sinus cavity to augment the vertical amount of bone into that area. It is a procedure that increase the amount of bone in the posterior jaw and maintains maxillary sinus function. Sinus augmentation with implant placement can be done in one or two steps.

The one step procedure can be performed when sufficient amount of vertical and horizontal bone is present and the bone grafting and implant placement are done simultaneously. Thus, accelerating the healing phase and treatment time for the patient. 

The two steps technique involves performing the sinus grafting procedure first and allowing the bone to heal and consolidate for approximately 6-8 months. Once the bone graft is mature and solidifies, the dental implants can be placed and later be restored. This technique takes longer for full rehabilitation and completion.

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